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Hands Up


Groups - we desire for people to participate in Christ’s kingdom actively, not as spectators.

We grow, we change, we become more like Jesus, as we spend time in meaningful relationships with people.  At Bethel Assembly of God, we intentionally create opportunities for you to be in community. The most frequent and accessible opportunities are through our Lead Teams and Small Groups. 


Book Club


A Small Group is a small group of people who gather to connect and  mature.  Small Groups generally meet in homes and in coffee shops to talk about specific topics or to continue the conversation about our weekend messages. More importantly, Small Groups are small, close-knit communities of believers that are spurring one another on to become more like Jesus Christ.  

At Bethel AG, Small Groups are the best way to connect with others who share a common love and desire for God; people who will encourage you to keep growing in your faith. Here’s a definition for Small Groups:

Small Group: ~n. a community pursuing an authentic and life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ, who seek to establish more communities with people they know.

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